Looking For The Best Laser Treatments In Birmingham?

HUSH Laser Salon in Birmingham offers laser hair removal, anti-ageing laser treatments, rosacea and thread vein removal laser, and even lasers to treat nail fungus!


Our highly trained therapists can permanently remove excess hair from most areas of the face and body using Alexandrite and Nd: Yag laser hair systems which are ideal for all skin colours including Asian and black skins.

We treat men, women and members of the transgender community with discretion and confidentiality within the privacy of our beauty rooms.  


Laser treatments are an effective way to reduce the appearance of fine lines of wrinkles, while also improving skin tone to give you a more youthful look. 

At HUSH Laser Clinic in Birmingham, our highly trained laser specialists will discuss your skin concerns with you before recommending a course of treatments to help rejuvenate your skin and turn back the clock!

We can also treat skin pigmentation such as age spots, freckles and sun damaged skin using the latest laser technology.


Get rid of unsightly nail fungus with the latest laser treatments in Birmingham.  HUSH Laser Clinic in Birmingham can transform your nails using highly effective laser treatments.

Our specialists are highly trained in how to use our laser equipment and will be happy to help with your fungal nail issues.  A course of treatments is essential for optimal results so please book in for a consultation today so we can help.


At HUSH Laser Salon in Birmingham we can treat facial blemishes such as skin pigmentation, thread veins and rosacea using safe and effective laser treatments with minimal downtime and very low risk.

Thread veins are superficial red, purple or blue veins that occur around the nose, across the cheeks and chin and also on the legs.  These broken veins appear when the vein dilates and become larger so they are visible through the transparency of the skin.