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Looking For The Best Laser Hair Removal in Birmingham?

best laser hair removal in Birmingham at Hush Laser SalonVisit HUSH Laser Clinic in Birmingham where we offer professional laser hair removal for all areas of the body - headed up by our in-house laser specialist, Nadia.

Interested in a laser treatment? Book a consultation by calling 0121 634 3232 or emailing info@birminghamlaserclinics.co.uk.

Until then, here's what you need to know about laser hair removal treatments at HUSH Clinic in Birmingham...

Which Laser Treatments Does HUSH Clinic in Birmingham Offer?

Our most popular treatment is laser hair removal and we are renowned for our pain-free laser treatment which treats all skin colours and covers large areas of skin in each session.

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Which Lasers Do You Use?

We use two types of gold standard laser from leading suppliers Lynton:

1. Alexandrite: This laser is the fastest of all lasers, treating larger body areas on all skin shades from pale to olive and dark brown.  This laser has an ultra-high repetition rate and features a large contact-cooled sapphire tip which stays in continuous contact with the skin to keep it cool and comfortable.

2. Nd:YAG: This long pulse laser can be used safely on all skin types, including tanned skin. It penetrates deep inside the skin which makes it ideal for anti-ageing treatments, skin pigmentation reduction and for treating thread veins.

Are Your Laser Treatments Safe?

At HUSH Salon in Birmingham, we invest heavily in the equipment we use to treat our clients, ensuring only the safest and most clinically effective treatments, each and every time. This ethos helped when deciding on our laser provider, Lynton –  a specialist aesthetic technologies manufacturer made up of the largest team of UK-based doctors, scientists & aestheticians.

With over 23 years’ experience in pioneering medical-grade devices for a broad range of cosmetic concerns, Lynton are experts in designing aesthetic technology that delivers extremely good results.

Are Your Laser Specialists Qualified? 

Alongside their premium equipment, Lynton have also provided our laser specialists with comprehensive theory and practical based training – this ensures our practitioners have the in-depth clinical knowledge needed to treat clients safely whilst still achieving outstanding results.

What Happens During My Laser Consultation at HUSH Clinic in Birmingham?

Prior to treatment, a consultation is conducted at our award-winning salon in Birmingham, in which a medical history is discussed to confirm suitability for treatment. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask your HUSH laser specialist any questions you may have. Before treatment commences, you must provide written consent and a small test patch will be carried out.