Nail Fungus

Fight Nail Fungal Infection With Laser Treatments At Birmingham Salon

Fight Nail Fungal Infection With Laser Treatments At Birmingham SalonGet rid of unsightly nail fungus with the latest laser treatments in Birmingham.  HUSH Laser Clinic in Birmingham can transform your nails using highly effective laser treatments.

Our specialists are highly trained in how to use our laser equipment and will be happy to help with your fungal nail issues.  A course of treatments is essential for optimal results so please book in for a consultation today so we can help.

Get Rid of Nail Fungus With The Best Laser Treatments In Birmingham

Say goodbye to ugly nail fungus with a course of laser treatments at HUSH Salon in Birmingham.  Using incredibly effective pulsed laser, the laser light is directed onto the infected nail and a short pulse of light is released.  This light and heat is absorbed into the skin underneath and around the infected nail, helping to destroy the dermatophytes and eliminate the fungal infection.  

During this treatment you may feel some discomfort as the laser light heats the nail and attacks the infection, but we will also direct a cooling device onto the treatment area to try and make your feel more comfortable.

Athlete's Foot & Nail Fungus Treatments at Top Laser Salon in Birmingham

While athlete’s foot may seem like a minor skin irritation with flaky and cracked skin, it can lead to toenail fungus where fungi grow under the nail and live off the skin and keratin.  We can now treat nail fungus using a course of high tech laser treatments at our award-winning salon in Birmingham.

Visible signs of fungal toenail infection include:

  • discoloration of the nail
  • hard and brittle nails
  • ridged nails
  • white gunk under the toenails
  • an unpleasant smell from the nail
  • scaling under the nail
  • raised nail as it pushes away from the nail bed
  • nails falling off.

The elderly are the most susceptible to nail fungus, but it can also be found on patients on some medications, people with diabetes and psoriasis and those with conditions that weaken the immune system.  

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Book A Nail Fungus Laser  Treatment Near You

Your first step if you are interested in permanently getting rid of your fungal nail infections is to book in for a consultation at our award-winning salon in Birmingham.  During your consultation we will discuss your medical history to assess your suitability for treatment, explain the treatment and answer any questions you may have.  Before treatment commences, you must provide written consent and a small test patch will be carried out on your skin.  Book your consultation at Hush Laser Salon in Birmingham online here or call us on 0121 634 3232. 

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment FAQs